Pattern Welded Pendant

Pattern Welded Pendant


Also sometimes known as Damascus, each of these pendants is forged welded from two different steels. One of the alternating layers  is a reclaimed band saw blade from a large industrial machine.  The other is a hoop from a whiskey barrel. Both steels are cut and layered before being tack welded together. They are then brought up to near melting temperature in a coal forge and  fused together with quick strikes of the hammer. Each pendant is hand filed and polished before being dipped in ferric chloride acid, which bring out the contrasting patterns.

  • Hand forged from reclaimed steel

  • Clear enamel finish stands up to daily wear

  • Ships on black leather cord with knots for adjustable lengths

Weight: .125 lbs
Dimensions:  2” x 1” x .125”

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